Life Coma…

I’m sure there’s a much better label for it but I stand by it dammit because I didn’t realize how long I had been away until you see the dates and think, “Where the hell have I been all this time?” Then it hits you; life coma.

I got sucked into obligations and people and ugh, television. I know, I know…it’s tragic. What was supposed to happen was some sort of literary butterfly.

‘The writer emerged after months of hibernation, no longer the chubby caterpillar but a beautiful monarch clutching an Amuse II manuscript in her dainty little butterfly hands’ cue music….

Well, I’m back, I’m awake and I’m motivated. I’ll be honest, there was some writing in there but it was so contrived and boring and let’s face it; forced. You deserve better than that so I am hard at work on book 2 and it’s much better than it’s predecessor. It was hard to toss so…many…chapters BUT the story was stuck in first gear; just putting along, not really going anywhere and now we can jump on the freeway and really travel!

Okay, I’m going to stop before I overly hype you up, mostly I just wanted to let you know I’M BACK!


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Fantasy author and mother existing in the enchanted land of NorCal.

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