What’s on your mind?

I’m excitedly working on expanding the Amuse universe with new merchandise, and yes, yes, the infamous BOOK TWO. I need your help…if each of you could just write a chapter or two we could have this baby done in…kidding! Unless you’re game, then send me what you got! LOL

Actually, in all seriousness, I am very interested in what you have to say. I need your opinions, reviews, blurbs and even questions if you have them about Amuse, the characters, etc… Not only will they be used to help promote the book(s) but I’m thinking they will look catchy on some promotional gear and/or stickers.

What do you think? Not just about the idea but about Amuse? You can comment here, email, Facebook, Messenger, Owl Mail (how freakin cool would that be?!) Just be honest, no one likes a kiss ass…well, most people. (slides over brand new tube of Chapstick) just in case.


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Fantasy author and mother existing in the enchanted land of NorCal.

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