Amuse Book 2

Coming Soon!

The most anticipated work of fiction in the past 20…

Minutes! That’s right, be amazed! Be enthralled!

Okay, maybe that’s a wee bit dramatic, but I’ve had several friends and the occasional family member nag…er lovingly request, the release date of the sequel to Calli’s adventures.

So maybe, be mildly interested? Just don’t hurt yourself for goodness sake!

But for those of you, yes Mom I hear you, who might have been missing Calli, Ophira, Thor, Nana and let’s not forget the god of the Underworld himself; Hades. I haven’t left you wanting for nothing.

Fear not Amuse fans, for I am fully committed (unlike David) to delivering (pun intended) the next story in the Calli saga.

The ETA is still TBD while I PTFT (put the final touches) but YOU will be the first to know.

In the meantime, let me know what you are most excited to explore, revisit or exterminate…hey I don’t know your interests.

Love and Blessings!



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Fantasy author and mother existing in the enchanted land of NorCal.

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  1. Karma!!
    It’s Marlene from the Den. 🙂 I bought book just before your departure. I have finished the book and YES!, hurry and finish a sequel. I’m just left wondering about what will happen between Cali and Hades. Inquiring minds! LOL. Hope all is going well and just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the book and thank you for writing something so fun to read!

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  2. Hello Marlene, thank you so much for getting in touch and especially your sweet words! I moved to Tennessee so I’ve been busy with work and other things but finally getting back to writing. I’m putting a lot of time and effort to make Book II as fun and intriguing as possible and hope to get it out to everyone soon! I’ll keep you posted and thanks again! ❤


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