Hello? Does Anybody Work Around Here?!

Who do I need to fire? Oh wait, that’s me! Where the hell have I been? Not here obviously!

I must apologize for my absence. Four months. FOUR MONTHS?! Who does that? Well I mean, obviously me but seriously, who has a website and abandons it for four whole months? That’s like almost half a pregnancy. That makes me a negligent parent now, I guess!

I bet now you’ve prepared yourself for the big reveal, the (something really cool in French), the big payoff to explain my long awaited return; Amuse 2!!!

But um, this is embarrassing but no.

Sorry, I was working on another book, a juvenile project which is under a separate pen name…gosh I feel like I’m making this worse. There were some challenges, I won’t go into the details as I’m dreadfully bored with repeating the details but it did involve losing my main source of income IRL, so my body, never mind my…well mind was particularly wanting to stand still and muse (see what I did there) about the adventures of Cali and company…(hey, nice ring to it, eh?)

But enough excuses. I wanted to check in and say that I really do want to finish this sequel and the next two books as soon as I can, whenever that may be, at the very least to say that I did it! So when that time is nigh, I promise you will be the first to know.

Love and Blessings – Karma


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Fantasy author and mother existing in the enchanted land of NorCal.

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