Amuse transpires between our world, more specifically Northern California along the San Joaquin Delta River, and Other World; an ancient land where all the mythologies coexist and thrive.

Main Players

Calli (Calliope) – The heroine of the story. In my mind she looks like Kat Dennings.


Hades – Lord of the Underworld and Calli’s suitor. She struggles with her love/hate feelings for him and of course his job is a big issue, too! Sure he claims he’s sincere but…I envision GOT’s Kit Harrington.


David – Calli’s ex fiance who dumps her abruptly causing her to move in with her grandmother and start over. Of course this also leaves the door open for Hades to swoop in! I haven’t found an actor for David yet, maybe you’ll have a good suggestion.

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