Hey Amuse fans, how you doing? I thought it would be fun to have a little exchange. So, tell me; who are your favorite characters? Most hated? Any theories or questions you just can’t seem to shake? Let me know here and I’ll answer any questions you have, too. 

It’s probably an unfair stereotype that all writers are caffeine junkies but…I believe this to be true. The insanity of a tricky or tough chapter is nothing compared to the morning discovery that there….is….no….coffee. The struggle is real people! Don’t despair though, I’m prepared for tomorrow. 😀

In honor of the upcoming Amuse book signing next month, I’ve decided to offer Amuse eBook for nada, zip, zero, nothing. I want to see those download numbers go up and up before the big event. Well, okay not for nothing, I’ll be honest; I’d love a review. Not an overly enthusiastic, four thumbs up, …

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