Can you hear me now?

Hey Amuse fans, just finished uploading the cover art and approving the final audio files which means…in less than two weeks (upon approval by ACX) Amuse audio book will be available for purchase! More details to come soon!

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Sneak Peak ‘Magic & Mayhem’

Hey friends, here’s a sample of an upcoming book under K.M. Jensen for kids and young adults. Prologue The explosion of sound stopped suddenly as the door clicked shut behind her. Sam slumped over a nearby railing until the nausea passed and then made her way slowly to the comforting shade of a large elm…

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Kidnapped (fiction)

This is what I imagine this kind of situation would play out… So I walked briskly out of the grocery store last night, after noticing the same couple for the third time in less than an hour. Sure, Susie and her husband ‘looked’ nice and normal but were they really? I mean you make small…

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